Eco-Loco: Vegetariannns

This is not an easy topic to talk about, but here goes.

My history:

I was a pescatarian for 4 years or so, starting in college and ending when Edmond was about six months old. It started gradually — I gave up non-local meat for lent, found I wasn’t eating very much meat, cut out meat entirely, and then just kept going because I didn’t mind it.

I stopped because a) Jonathan and I can now afford to buy local meat, which is we’ve been doing the last year or so and b) I had lost my conviction, and didn’t know how to teach Edmond why it was important (or wasn’t) and didn’t want him to grow up with Jonathan and me not being on the same page about something this present in our day-to-day.

I stopped because I believed that eating meat, in the scheme of all the other things Jonathan and I do to live more sustainably, wasn’t so bad.

But now:

I’ve realized I was wrong. Eating meat, especially beef, is one of the worst things you can do for our planet.   Cowspiracy-Infographic

Shocking info, yes? It does feel like a bit of a conspiracy that this is so little talked about. But if not eating meat is one of the biggest ways Jonathan and I can reduce our carbon foot print and the carbon foot print of our family, then done. We’re there. We’re sold.

So we’ve come up with a family plan, and it’s not as all-or-nothing as never eating meat. We’re going to eat meats/dairy on holidays, including, if the birthday-ee desires it, on birthdays. Jonathan also said, “You can’t take cheese away from me.” So we’ll be buying cheese, at least for the near future. We won’t be buying milk, cream, yogurt, or ice cream, but will be switching to an alternative (likely almond-based products).

Another reason: 

Since becoming a mother, I find I love everything more. I can’t see a baby animal without thinking that it is loved by its mother. If I can eat food that is healthier for me, healthier for the earth, and at the same time forgo the slaughter of another living thing, I will. I have every reason to believe that animals love one another, so I want to have as little an impact on their sorrow as possible. Compassion, ya know?


Join us. Please. This is the right side of history. This is what is best for our world, for its animals, for our fellow humans. Find conviction. 

This is an ernest offer: if you find that you don’t care about climate change, don’t think it’s a big deal, don’t think you have some responsibility as a sentient and moral being to offset it as best you know how, ask me questions. Let’s see if we can’t get you on the side of the planet. Do your own research. Soul search. Pray.

God is for this planet. It is the Christian thing to do to become a steward of this home we’ve been given. It is what is best not only for forests, but for humans living in other parts of the world, our brothers and sisters, who will be hit hardest by climate change in the coming years.

It is more convenient to change nothing. It is tastier to eat a burger. I love bacon. But I am willing to make sacrifice upon sacrifice for the future of our earth and my children.

If I sound desperate, I am.

Let’s work towards a future where we’re living in harmony with one another and our home. 


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