The Never-Ending Project


Our tiny house truly feels like a project without end. I think we’re getting close to getting done, but who the heck knows, ya know?

After failing our plumbing inspection (not our fault) and failing our framing inspection (our fault but fixable with minor corrections), our completion date feels like this giant question mark hanging over our heads and that is so unpleasant, maybe especially for people like us.

If we had known how hard this project was going to be, would we have started it?


Because we’re crazy.

Hopefully, we’ll be finishing soon. We have a really great guy, David, coming out to the house soon to build a landing for the front door and a deck off the back (part of the reason we failed our framing inspection was a lack of landings). Then, he’ll be helping us by finishing the drywall on the inside. Eeee. So that, in the least, is some really good news and gives us a little hope that one day (soon?!) this project will be done.

Anyway, here’s to our really lovely unfinished tiny house. You’re a mess, and we love you.


View from the back window.
View from the front door.
My 27-year-old husband in front of the house he built.
tiny neighbor
view from the back door
My husband, ladies and gentlemen.

IMG_6471 IMG_6472 IMG_6474


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