Parenting our 22-month-old


I cannot believe that in a mere two months Edmond will turn two years old. Wasn’t he just born?

Life feels like it is flying by and I so enjoy being able to look at past blogs and see just how much has changed.

In the last couple of weeks, he has really started to internalize our family culture. We’ve been pretty strict with him, and have also been pretty ‘religious’ about some family rituals and routines, and it feels like he is starting to get into the hang of them. He requests that the candle be lit at meal time, if we forget, says “Pease be excused” at the end of meals with some consistency, and knows when bedtime is coming and seems to really enjoy and anticipate our evening routine. Just in the last week or so, he has started to listen when we say ‘no’ or when it is time to clean up, and it is such a welcome change — tantrums are starting to subside, and when they do happen they are very short lived and he is right back to his adorable self in no time. He loves to hold hands when we go on walks, has gotten pretty good at entertaining himself for decent intervals without me, and continues to love, love, love reading and books. He is also such a snuggly kid, and loves being held, especially in a group hug with me and Jonathan. He still loves nursing, and has gotten so much calmer/easier about it that I see no reason to stop any time soon.

In short, I guess he’s growing up, and I am just so smitten with the little kid he’s becoming.

That’s not to say he’s not difficult at times. He has so much energy and can get into everything, but I feel like he’s starting to calm down somewhat, and Jonathan and I have a pretty consistent discipline plan in place for times when he pushes too far.

Since Edmond was around nine-months-old, we have leaned pretty heavily on Waldorf parenting methods, and while I don’t know that that can account for Edmond’s sweet demeanor, I do think it has helped with the amount of peace I feel as a parent. Most importantly, Waldorf books, especially Heaven on Earth, along with a great book on Danish parenting that I highly recommend, essentially teach that it is the parent’s job to model calm and to anticipate and expect that boundaries will be tested. It was such a freeing revelation — the minute I realized that it was okay and normal for Edmond to challenge, to tantrum, to get things wrong and that I didn’t need to view him as misbehaved, didn’t need to make him feel ashamed or guilty, but rather needed to instruct and to guide — I felt so much more secure in my role as his first teacher.

I think the hardest thing about parenting at present is how lonely it can feel. It is just harder to do things with a toddler in-tow, and so pretty quickly various social activities get phased out. I miss the sense of community I’ve experienced at other times in my life, and am eager for us to get done with the tiny house and for Jonathan’s job to settle down some so that we can focus on finding a community in Nashville.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.59.30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.59.53 AM


2 thoughts on “Parenting our 22-month-old

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you for your routine at home is going! We have started a childcare swap at our place so things over here are crazier than ever (yesterday I took three toddlers on a bus by myself with no stroller!)- but I am really loving having a few childless days too. When I’m home with our housemates daughter, I want to start doing some structured learning time with the big kids. I think I sometimes struggle to presume competence with Portrr because he’s relatively so small and babyish compared to his brother, but it sounds like Edmond is rising to your challenges! Are you still following the calendar you posted in the spring?

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    1. Lillian, sorry I’m so late responding to this! I don’t think we’ve ever gotten through a whole day of following the schedule I made us! I am so impressed that you took out three toddlers!! (And I’m like, just generally impressed that you have two kids — I’m still so intimidated by the thought!) I think Edmond is just now getting to the age where he appreciates things like “music time” or “craft time” — before when I tried he’d be into it for like 5 minutes.


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