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Jonathan Edmond is 2!



My baby turned two years old yesterday! I can’t believe it.

At 2, Edmond is just so sweet and fun. He talks non-stop (I mean, for real, he doesn’t seem to mind if you aren’t fully paying attention, he will just chat away). He is potty trained (aside from diapers at nap-time and night). He is loving and imaginative. (Current favorite is to stop whatever he’s doing, get really wide-eyed and say, “It’s the big bad wolf!” and then precede to tell you a story on the topic.)

He’s also car obsessed — it’s mind boggling and a testament to the fact that parents can’t really determine who there kid will be or what they will like. Jonathan and I pretty much hate cars and have done very little to encourage this obsession, but Edmond loves his fire truck and mail truck and yesterday added a whole lot of cars to his collection thanks to so many wonderful, sweet presents. (Thanks, so, so much for a great party!) Edmond has played with his new cars and trucks all morning!

He’s seeming less and less like a baby and more and more like a kid. My heart breaks with love for him daily. I know I’m partial but I just think he’s the greatest.




One thought on “Jonathan Edmond is 2!

  1. Bonjour les amis des US ?? comment allez vous en cette fin d’année 2015 un peu terrible en France et dans le monde !!!! Edmond est sage je vois et très mignon !!
    Bonnes fêtes
    Bises de toute la famille DUFOURCQ de Nantes

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