2015 was the hardest year of my life, which, among other things, means I have had a really blessed life.

I quit my job in May, became a full-time mom, and then in June we started the tiny house.

There has been a lot of collateral damage in pursuit of that dream. Our house is a ridiculous mess. Our basement looks like a hardware store exploded. Our back yard only recently stopped resembling a junk yard (because all the construction junk got moved to the front yard. To be hauled off at an unknown date in the future.) Our social life has become pretty meager, as we have passed on almost any weekend activity so that we can work on the tiny house.  Loyal friends who’ve kept up with us have watched Jonathan fall asleep mid-dinner due to exhaustion. We’ve stopped recording. I squeeze editing into fifteen minute intervals.
It has been. Just. So. Hard.

But. The tiny house should be done – permits and all – by the end of next week.

So my 2016 resolutions are as follows.

I want to drink more water.

I want more opportunities for Edmond to play with kids his own age.

I want to go on more dates with my husband.

I want to schedule more time for me to be on my own as an adult. There are weeks when my only break from Edmond is when he’s sleeping.

And then I would like to reestablish some sort of family rhythm through which we eat more intentionally, the house gets back to normal, our laundry gets caught up, and there are moments to experience calm and joy and rest as a family.

After a week of the flu I am setting my intentions, and am ready to start this year fresh.

4 thoughts on “2015

  1. I am impressed and proud of what you and Jonathan have accomplished thus far in your lives. I have no doubt that the future is bright for the two of you and that wonder child, Edmond. Don’t worry. Be happy. Love–dd


  2. Bravo Rebecca et Jonathan vous êtes partis dans la vie sur le bon chemin , le vrai chemin de vie !!!!! je vous conseille la famille nombreuse comme nous avec 7 enfants et déjà 16 petits enfants !! Vous avez un réel talent avec vos chansons et la musique , c’est super , il faut continuer – vos vieux amis de Nantes – France
    Good Luck for Life and 2016


    1. Merci beaucoup M. Dufourcq! J’espere que tout va bien avec vous et votre tres belle famille! Je veux bien avoir plus d’enfants, peut-etre pas sept! 16 petits enfants?! C’est super! Felicitations! – Rebecca


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