Fresh Start.


We are experiencing a once in a decade snow here in Nashville, with somewhere around 8 inches of accumulation! As a result, Jonathan has been out of school since Wednesday, and we’ve had tons of time to a) finish the tiny house b) play with Edmond c) work on our own house.

It feels like such a crazy and welcome coincidence that right as we were finishing a months’-long project we were given a week off to regroup as a family. It has been so, so, so lovely, and life is starting to take a familiar shape again, in which E’s nap times aren’t devoted solely to working, in which family outings involve more than running tiny house-related errands, in which we have space in the day just to take a breath.

General updates: the tiny house is: DONE. Sure, there are a few loose ends that need to be wrapped up, but it is a finished house with a few things that need work (there’s some minimal painting, some things to hang, and we have to replace our hot water heater). It is no longer an unfinished house in need of finishing.  We haven’t celebrated yet since we still have to pass the final plumbing and building inspections, but as soon as Metro Government opens back up we’ll be able to get our rental permit, and the rest of the inspections are supposed to happen on Monday of this week. We’re having our open house on Saturday.


And within three days of putting up photos, we’ve already gotten 5 bookings for the house. It is such a relief. Also I think I will thoroughly love interacting with guests. I’m already loving getting their messages and responding with recommendations and the like. It will be right up my alley.

Other things: Edmond is definitely in what the Danes call “the age of boundaries” (what Americans refer to as the ‘terrible twos’ – I won’t be calling it that). He loves to say “no” three times before he says “yes,” and seemingly delights in being contrary.

However, he also does mostly adorable things like ask for kisses, tell us nursery rhymes over and over, sing to us, dance with us, color and draw, give snuggles to the bunny and kitty, and say hello to everyone we see at restaurants or stores or out on walks. He is a little doll and we are head over heels in love with him.

Other other things: our neighborhood keeps getting cooler and cooler and we love it. Today we went on a snow walk to Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes – it’s a mile from our house and everything is delicious.

All in all, after spending the last several months in a kind of hazy funk from having too much on our plates, things are starting to look up for the wee Moody clan.



One thought on “Fresh Start.

  1. i have loved reading about the tiny house! (which is not to say i’m glad for all the stress it brought with it.) congratulations! it looks absolutely lovely and homey. i think you’ll be able to rent it out often. good luck!

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