An Assortment


  1. I am now 27! Every year I’m kind of appalled at the new number. I don’t think I’ve ever felt much older than 17. But I look around and I have a son, and a husband, and a house, and a station wagon, and I’ve found a few grey hairs in the last couple of months, so really I think 27 sounds all right.
  2. We have had 2 rounds of airbnb guests and many more on the way. We are loving having guests, having some extra income, and having so. much. extra. time. I’m even feeling a little bit of post-house building stress, where I find myself thinking, “What am I supposed to be stressed out about right now?” and then I realize. that um. there’s not too much to be stressed about. relatively speaking.
  3. I’m writing again! Huzzah! I feel like I’ve come to that moment in Anne of Green Gables when Gilbert tells Anne that she should stop writing “highfalutin mumbo-jumbo.” Except in this instance I am both the Anne and the Gilbert. I’m liking the results. They feel overdue.
  4. I have been trying to distance myself from too much social media and news. I’ve been waking up early, reading, journaling, and writing, instead of losing myself in an endless stream of articles that, while interesting, are sensationalized to the point of being infuriating or terrifying. Waking up to a Mary Oliver poem instead of some article about cultural appropriation or sexism or global warming or gun deaths or [insert topic of choice here] has done wonders for my soul.
  5. That said, I am finding this election season thoroughly heart breaking, and after two recent conversations in which I literally could not control how adamantly I was speaking, I’ll just say this and then try not to write anything more. I am a socialist liberal because I am a compassionate Christ follower. I have never been so disheartened by the (Christian) Right in our country, but I will say that I have just had it with xenophobic demagogues.
  6. Ergo, this is a warning that, though I try to always respond with understanding and kindness when discussing a difference of opinion, expressions of an equal dissatisfaction with the political left and right in the United States at present will probably be met with, at best, a dumbfounded stare, and at worst, a rant lasting no less than ten minutes.  This is absolutely the first time I’ve felt like this as a voter. John McCain? Mitt Romney? Disappointing, but not despair worthy. This election cycle I find there are just not enough forehead smacks to go around. And I don’t want to say that Voldemort would most definitely have been a Republican, but I’ll just go ahead and say that Voldemort most definitely would have been a Republican.


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