nursing Edmond.

This photo of Edmond and me is the last taken of us nursing, though he didn’t fully wean for another week or so after it was taken.

And I am a little heartbroken, truth be told.

I was ready. He was (mostly) ready. And the actual process was relatively easy, from a parenting standpoint.

But for two weeks now I’ve felt anxious and sad. I’ve felt achy and tired too, to the point I was growing convinced there must be something seriously wrong with me. Only after doing a little bit of research I’ve discovered this is all relatively normal for weaning.

This is the end of nearly three years of my body physically giving itself to grow a life. It is a closed chapter, and it’s hard for me not to mourn a little. I don’t handle change well. I never have.

Goodbye to nursing my Edmond. I have loved these moments of stillness and peace with all my heart, getting to cradle and sing to and nourish my sweet boy in the quiet of dusk and dawn.

I’ll miss them forever, even as each day proves a new miracle.

one of our first attempts. nursing did not come easy for us.


milk drunk.


nursing with friends.



milk drunk.



nursing in a river.


nursing on the mountain. 

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