spring sprang sprung

I haven’t written in a while!

I did write this for Murder Ballad Monday and Singout.org. For some reason, I found it way harder to write than I anticipated and I wrote around twice as many words as needed in various drafts that were scrapped. First writing was really enjoyable, then it was really stressful, then it was really enjoyable again.  Mostly, I loved having the opportunity to write about one of my all-time favorite albums.

I also am in the process of completing some final edits on Sparrow before I send my full manuscript to an agent I would love to work with. She’s read the first 50 pages and wants to see the rest. (!!!)

This past week has been our spring break, and it has been. weird? Edmond has been sick since Monday, so what was going to be a really great vacation in Tennessee, complete with some camping, lots of biking, and plans to eat at a new restaurant every day instead became a week that basically felt like my regular day-to-day, except Jonathan was home (yay) and I was sick half the week too (boo).

And now it’s Saturday and I think Jonathan and I are both in a little bit of a mourning.

That’s how much Jonathan dislikes his job. He is like a different person when he’s working – he’s too tired to speak, he’s stressed, he doesn’t have enough patience or energy for Edmond.

Which is why we’re so relieved he’s not going back to work as a teacher next year. We’re not sure what he’ll do, but really anything is better than being miserable. I wouldn’t dream in a million years to ask Jonathan to keep working there after this year, and it makes me sad that that is such a foreign idea to so many. There’s no sin in leaving  a job you hate. And it’s not a crime to want to work less. I’m really proud of Jonathan for being brave enough to make a change.

It reminds me of a quote I was raised with: “Love the work you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” My mother firmly believes this and lives this and I agree. Unfortunately, the flip side is, “Dislike the work you do and you’ll feel like it’s haunting you on weeknights and weekends and vacations.”

So we’re in a weird in-between phase where we’re watching lots of television, eating lots of pizza, feeling a little bit sad. We’ve got so much to be grateful for, and Edmond helps to keep us living in the moment, but we can’t help but look to the future and a life where we’re not working for the weekends, and where we have the energy to live up to our ideals.

Good news is, it’s coming so soon! 9 weeks left in what has inarguably been the roughest year of either of our lives.


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