spring sprang sprung again

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. There was Easter at Percy Warner with family, where a maniacal Jonathan and Edmond chased a maniacal Uncle Joe Joe around. Then, Edmond and I went to the beach along with my mom, Aunt Baba, and extended family! It was such a treat getting to spend such good time with them, and letting Edmond see his Great Granny Ouida was so wonderful.

Edmond is transitioning into a toddler bed that Jonathan set up while we were away, and tonight marks night three in a row of him not getting out of bed willy nilly all evening. Phew.

We’ve been working around the house non-stop. Installing doors and lights and electric outlets, gardening, flipping the tiny house constantly from airbnb guests. Life feels so busy but it is starting to feel so much more predictable and comfortable and right. 

Jonathan recently found out that he’ll be working at Belmont University as an adjunct in their Spanish department next semester. I am enormously proud of him. He’ll be teaching two classes, four days a week, for an estimated total of about 20 hours teaching/planning (only 12 of which has to be on-campus). Which. You know. Sounds quite a bit better than 60 hours a week.

With all this spare time we’re about to have, we’re planning on really committing ourselves to a) our artistic pursuits and b) our (environmental) ideals. I’ve been spending loads of time researching how to garden on a 1/4 acre (shady) homestead (really, with the adjacent lot, we have more like 8/10 of an acre). We’re going to increase our flock, plant gardens, maybe get some bee hives. We’re also scheming up ways to find and build and foster the kind of community we’re craving.

At the moment, it’s all very vague and very new and very wonderful.

It is an exciting chapter in our lives. Things really feel like they’re opening up – that this last year of hard work is paving the way for a new and different and radically atypical future for our family. Just like we’d hoped (but so often felt wasn’t happening).

Last night, my mom, dad, brother, Jonathan, and I all attended the screening of The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry. It was moving, sad, sweet – I highly recommend it for many reasons. For me, it was very eye opening about the struggles that today’s farmers face.

And Wendell Berry is just one of those treasures, a real hero of mine and Jonathan too. The documentary was beautiful, and there is nothing like the timbre of his voice. He is so wise and good, and his poems and essays always speak such comfort and peace to me, even as they profess such anxiety and despair for our shared future.

One of the biggest take aways from the documentary last night and from his other writings is that you have to live the one life you’re given as best you can by your ideals.

Jonathan and I are perpetually striving, struggling for this, and it isn’t easy. But lately, there have been these moments of clarity where I get to take a deep breath and look around at what we’re creating and feel that the decisions we’ve made have been the right ones.  So we’ll keep on pursuing life and our dreams and our ethic with as much gusto as we’re able.






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