A Long-Overdue General Update

Life has been so busy, busy, busy that I haven’t stopped to blog.

Our summer was great. We took an epic road trip from Nashville to Detroit to Niagara Falls to Ottawa to Quebec City to Acadia National Park in Maine, and then down the coast homeward. It was such an experience traveling with Edmond — equal parts joy, frustration, and amazement at the wonderful kiddo he’s becoming.

Returning home, we continued to make improvements on our yard and airbnb.

Most recently, we had sheep from the Nashville Chew Crew come to clear out the lot next to us. (My brother is buying it from my parents! And we’re really happy to have him as our neighbor!) The sheep were awesome, and we really miss them now that they’re gone.

While the sheep were here, a neighbor (who we had not met before) came by to see the sheep and said she used to play in a creek at the back of our lots 25 years ago when she was a kid. She said it was fed by a spring that got stopped up with some construction about 10 years ago.

We became increasingly excited after last week’s rain, when we saw a large puddle form a couple houses down.The man who owns the lot that the spring is in had no idea it was there, but gave us permission to unstop it if we could.Over the last three days, we’ve dug, cut logs, dug some more, cut more logs, and unblocked a beautiful fresh water spring, three doors down from us. It keeps silting back up since several of the yards downstream have been leveled, so tomorrow we’ll be contacting various organizations to get help to rehabilitate the stream.


Jonathan started teaching at Belmont University and he LOVES it. I cannot tell you how different it feels to have a spouse who comes home after work happy and energized instead of worn out and miserable. Hip-hip-hooray.

Building the tiny house was such a difficult process, but now we have such financial freedom as a family — Jonathan is only working 15 hours a week, I work 4(ish) hours a week for my mom, and that’s it. Airbnb is now our family’s main source of income. We still high five each other regularly for having the guts and drive to take the plunge for our family. Our goal was to have Jonathan semi-retired by 30, and he’ll be 28 in a couple of weeks…

Which isn’t to say we don’t work constantly. We do. I’m writing, we’re playing music, we’ll be recording again (hopefully) soon, and we’re researching non-stop about urban homesteading, which is our dream of dreams. Edmond is becoming this wild child who walks half-naked around our 8/10 acre, finding walking sticks and burying his toys in the leaves.

So we’re decidedly on kind of a different path. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me some anxiety, if there wouldn’t be something comforting about a regular 9-5 schedule for me or Jonathan or both of us.

But we both talked about how the greatest gift we could give ourselves is more time. For each other. For Edmond. For our families. For adventures. For community. For contemplation.

And by golly if we don’t have lots of time these days.

We three in Quebec City. 

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