2016 was a really strange year, and I’d be lying if I said I loved it. After two years of living a fairly typical American life – Jonathan worked 60 hours a week while I stayed home with Edmond – in June we embarked on something radically different: we’re both home most of the time.

It was our goal to be retired by 30, and I’d say we’ve more or less accomplished our version of that dream.

But guess what? Over the last few months, I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety, OCD, etc. It has felt like we’re flying blind : in America, so much of our identity is tied to our jobs. And I’ve grown increasingly aware that I had grown used to a twisted catharsis – disliking the grind Monday through Friday meant a built in appreciation of weekends and holidays.

Working less means willing to slow down. It means meditating more, appreciating  quiet moments more, and not feeling horrible if at the end of the day your account of the day goes something like, “I ate three good meals with my family, I saw a sapsucker on the elm tree, I went for a walk around the block, I read a good short story.”

With the blog this year, I am going to focus on our transition to becoming a different version of ourselves. We’ll be woodworking, making music, traveling, writing, focusing on our family and homestead. We’ll be working, but it won’t be our identity.

Mondays in our household will be fresh, they will hold promise of a new and fulfilling week, they will be an opportunity to reset our intentions, to dig in even more to become the people, the parents, the spouses we want to be.

Quote for today: “The world is so full and abundant it is like a pregnant woman carrying a child in one arm and leading another by the hand. Every puddle in the lane is ringed with sipping butterflies that fly up in flutter when you walk past in the late morning on your way to get the mail.” – Wendell Berry

Reading today: Vampires in the Lemon Grove, Karen Russell

Listening to today: Casa del Viento, Karina Vismara



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