What Parenting Looks Like These Days

Our son is about as wild and full of energy as they come. From dawn till past dusk, he runs, jumps, climbs, wiggles, and bounces. He is also a little smartie pants. He recites monologues from books, is in character constantly (either as Peter Rabbit or Paddington Bear), and loves to make up songs.

Jonathan and I have been re-reading Sharifa Oppenheimer’s Heaven on Earth, and we’re both finding it even more helpful and applicable than upon first read a couple of years ago. In true Waldorf style, we’ve been lighting candles at meal time, limiting screen time, and spending as much time as we can outdoors, bundling up even in the rain and cold.

One of my favorite tips from the book? Whenever Edmond asks if he can do something, instead of responding right away Jonathan and I have been responding, “Hmm… I wonder what that would be like.” It’s incredibly simple but oh-so-useful, giving us time to consider before responding.

Jonathan and I operate under the principle that discipline and punishment are not the same thing.  We always want Edmond to feel we’re part of the same team, and that he’s understood and loved. It’s challenging to remain calm, but I’m pleased that there really hasn’t been much yelling in our household. Parenting, as ever, has the hidden perk of inspiring us to become the best versions of ourselves we can manage.

Parenting inspiration: This overview of Gentle Discipline from the amazing blog Parenting Passageway

Edmond is listening to: This bizarre Fred Armisen album Joe gave us for Christmas

Edmond is reading: Herbert Binns and the Flying Tricycle by Caroline Castle and Peter Weevers

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