About Us

Jonathan & Rebecca are best friends who have been dating since they were 14, who got married in June 2011, who spent their first year of married life living in Nantes, France, and who returned home to Nashville, TN where Jonathan teaches Spanish and Latin America while Rebecca writes, bakes, and takes care of their son, Edmond.

We love: our son, each other, the woods, folk stories and fables, playing music, our kitten Minette, and adventuring.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Jonathan and Rebecca,
    Thank you for sharing your wedding website with us. Your pictures tell a story of how you met, your courtship and your days at Sewanee. You’ve already had wonderful life experiences, and now you are embarking on the next phase of your lives. Be happy, be healthy, and remember how much your family and your extended family loves you both. Terry and I will see you at the wedding in less than two weeks!!!


  2. I am sixteen, and my best friend and I have been dating since we were fourteen as well. I know that we will end up as happy as you. I noticed from reading your blog that you went to the same university, but due to our interests in very different areas of academia that sounds impossible. Do you think we can make it work anyway?


    1. Hello Camille! Yes, I think you can make it work. We were lucky to find Sewanee – it suited both of our interests SO well and proved the perfect place for us to be. I would encourage you, if possible, to find a school that might suit both of your interests. However, I really believe that sometimes, no matter how young you are, you just know that you’re with the right person. And in those rare, wonderful situations, I do think you can overcome any difficulty. I just hate for you to have to do the long distance thing for four whole years – it’s hard!


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